This document is no longer under construction due to luck of time!!!

Hence it is seriously out of date. Mail me if this intersets you and I'll try to continue working on it...

Please send additions to the me. Especially information on non-audio metadata (for example examples of metadata for videos or images) is needed.


This documet should contain all links, ideas and writings about metadata for multimedia that I find/write. This ranges from simple human-readable metadata (that's the kind we see all around) to fully machine-processable one (probably someone already attemted implementing it but I have never seen such a thing ;).

Also you will note a strong bias towards audio (since that's the kind of multimedia I work the most with) and some Vorbis-realted bias (as it's the codec I use the most). It's not intentional - if anybody can provide me with information that broadens my horizons, I would be glad to make it more balanced.

Similar pages you should look at

Metadata Standards (not multimedia specific)

Metadata Formats

Metadata Databases

Ogg Vorbis mailing lists archives

I'm archiving metadata-related messages on the mailing lists since about March 2001 for my personal use (for example to aid me write this page). It started out quite selective but soon I understood that I need to archive everything half-related (including flame wars) to see the whole picture. You can download it (divided by years, unix mailbox format) here.

Here I tried to list the most "enlightening" messages. Tip: explore the threads of these messages if you have too much spare time ;-). There are surely important ones I missed.

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